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About us

Welcome to our website!

Let us introduce to you a wonderful decorative hand made soaps in different variations!

All of our decorative soaps are high quality products with excellent fragrances. They are a source of positive emotions and good feelings that you can give to yourself, your friends and your family!

Foundation of our business is a creativity, delicacy and quality!

We make our soap not only as a product for daily hygiene, but also as piece of art.

We create something new and individual. Our products variety is created and supplemented with individual approach to each customer. We consider not only the most liked flavors, but also modern fashionable types of soaps. Elegant packaging and exceptional design of our soaps are created with style and really look like art.

We sincerely hope that all customers will find something to their liking in our product line. We hope that our magnificent soaps will give aesthetic pleasure to everybody and due to own nutrient composition will gently take care of most delicate skin!


Most of manufacturers of soap buy prepared soap base. Can they be sure in quality of this soap base?

Our specialists created a special formula and technology for production of our soap from different natural components. Carefully selecting all necessary components to soap base, our specialists put into the soap as much as possible natural ingredients.

We use highly purified plant fatty acid as the basic raw materials for our soap base. They are extracted by advanced technology from coconut and palm kernel oils. Also we use high-quality vegetable glycerine. Usage of special low-temperature technology in manufacturing process of our soap base allows us to save all of nutritional and moisturizing ingredients of vegetable origin.

Natural glycerine soap base prepared of plant components is a 100% vegetable soap base. This type of soap does not contain any traces of alkaline, is characterized by high purity and soft effect. This soap has a lot of glycerine in its composition. The main task of glycerine in this soap is to soften aggressive action of alkaline, reducing pH range to neutral. Glycerine soap is excellent in taking care of delicate, sensitive and dry skin. It's also ideal for aging skin, because glycerine has moisture-retaining properties. It moisturizes, softens, and improves skin elasticity.


Best gift for everybody

Our soap in very unusual and fun variations brings to you a lot of fun!

You will never regret choosing this soap as a gift! Our soap is original and beautiful, very useful gift. You'll have only positive emotions!

Wide range and unique design of Shelsy hand made soap helps you find a gift for everybody!