Natural shower sponge
"Loofah sponge 20 sm"

Natural shower sponge Loofah sponge 20 sm

Luffa is a non-woven vegetable sponge - created by nature itself!

It is a dried creeper fruit that has been freed from the skin and seeds.

Suitable for: loofah is a hard sponge, so it can be used for peeling and anti-cellulite massage

When massaging the skin with a loofah, the following occurs:

- improved blood circulation,

- increases the internal nutrition of the skin,

- muscle tension is relieved,

- the burned layer of the skin is perfectly exfoliated,

Unlike synthetic products, which quickly become a habitat for bacteria, a natural loofah sponge dries very quickly and a pathogenic habitat will not develop in it!

It is better not to use for people with delicate skin and those who want to keep a tan longer - a hard washcloth quickly erases the top layer of the skin.

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