Shea butter (Karite)

Shea butter (Karite) is worldwide recognized by cosmetologists as one of the best care products to maintain youth and beauty. It is usedto care for face skin, body, hair and nails! This is a unique natural cream without preservative agents, which is unconditionally the best alternative to chemical skin care products.

Our butter is 100 % natural, purified - not diluted, does not contain preservative agents. It is produced in Germany, raw material supplier is Republic of Ghana, Africa. There are certificates from the manufacturer.

This butter is obtained by pressing of the fruit pulp of Shea African tree nuts (karite) (Beurre De Karite, lat. Butyrospermum parkii). It grows only on the African continent.

The butter has a fairly long shelf life - due to the high content of bactericidal and preservative agents.

Shea butter (Karite) is one of the most valuable kinds of butter, which has an incredible list of healing properties:

· Moisturizing, softening. Due to the high content of vegetable fatty acids and unsaponifiable fats, it penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, intensively moisturizes (up to 8 hours of exposure) and nourishes the skin.

It suits perfectly for babies and children skin care.

It softens and soothes the skin after shaving and depilation.

As a basis for massage– it provides excellent glide for the hands of the masseur, andthere are no signs of stickiness and greasiness on the skin after the procedure.

· Rejuvenating. It stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen, slows down the aging process. It improves complexion, smoothes small lines, eliminates age spots. It easily gets absorbed, does not bridge pores.

· Regenerating. It awakens the processes of deep regeneration of the skin. It increases the tone and elasticity of the skin (can be used during pregnancy), eliminates stretch marks and scars.

· Restoring. Restores hair structure, strengthens roots and improves scalp condition.

· Anti-inflammatory, healing. It has a powerful antiseptic and bactericidal effect – it is applied for burns, scratches, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, acne.

· Protective. It is a reliable protection against the harmful effects of UV rays (is used for a safe and even tan), as well as when the skin becomes weather-beaten and during freezing injury.

And finally – Shea butter is one of the few kinds of butter that can have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the muscles.

· Decongestant. It stimulates capillary blood exchange in muscle tissues. Relieves muscle tension after intense sports trainings. It is usedto treat the injuries of ligaments and muscles, joint disease and rheumatism.

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Twenty-four ways to use

Shea (Carite) butter is one of the most valuable butters, which has an incredible list of effective cosmetic properties:

Twenty-four ways to use shea butter:

  1. Use pure shea butter as an ultra-nourishing and moisturizing face mask. Apply softened butter to your face with a thick layer. Remove the remains with a paper towel 20 minutes later. This butter penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, intensively moisturizes (the effect lasts for up to 8 hours) and nourishes the skin.
  2. Shea is both the simplest and the most effective anti-aging remedy. Apply it to areas subject to wrinkles (face, neck, decollete area). It stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen and slows down the aging process.
  3. Shea butter prevents stretch marks. It is recommended to apply on the chest, hips, and waist area from the very first months of pregnancy.
  4. Shea butter fights diaper rash and irritation. Apply it to dry body of your baby after bathing.
  5. Use shea butter as lip balm, and your lips will be soft and well-cared-for even in the most severe frost.
  6. Shea butter helps eliminate the so-called “rays” or “crow’s feet.”  Melt a little shea butter in your hand (the size of a pea) and apply it with gentle tapping into the eye area along the massage lines.
  7. Shea butter softens and soothes irritated skin after shaving and depilation.
  8. Apply the butter to rough skin areas or places where your skin peels and cracks: heels, knees, elbows. This oil is incredibly softening.
  9. Shea saves the skin from burns and soothes it after sunbathing. It has a protective property against the harmful effects of UV rays.
  10. Shea butter strengthens the eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply some butter to your eyebrows to make them look well-cared-for all day.
  11. Shea butter is an excellent product for the cuticle and for strengthening the nails. It makes the nails more flexible and reduces their fragility.
  12. Shea butter helps you straighten rebellious curls or, conversely, give your hair a shape. Use it instead of your usual styling products, since it’s more useful!  In addition, such care will protect your curls from the harmful effects of the environment.
  13. This butter will perfectly moisturize your hair and prevent split ends. All you have to do is take a drop of butter, warm it between your fingers, and apply it to the damp ends of the strands of your hair. It is important that you not apply too much, otherwise your hair will look greasy.
  14. Apply a generous layer of shea butter to your hands and put on cotton gloves. Go to bed, and you will have exceptionally soft hands the next morning.
  15. If your feet are very dry, apply shea butter on your feet just before you leave home. Put on cotton socks, since warming will help the butter to absorb better.
  16. If you want to go skiing or jogging, do not forget to apply a protective film of shea butter to your face, as it will save your skin from overdrying and windburn.
  17. The perfume will last longer on your skin if you first apply shea butter to the pulsation points and then spray the perfume.
  18. Dissolve a couple of tablespoons in a hot tub, and your skin will be perfectly nourished.
  19. If you add shea butter to your favorite body lotion, this will enhance its nourishing properties.
  20. As the basis for intensive massage, shea butter provides excellent glide to the hands of a massage therapist, and leaves the skin not sticky and oily thereafter.You can use ready-made combinations fromShelsy:Shea Butter with Grapefruit Essential Oil, Shea Butter with Lime and Mint Essential Oil.
  21. Shea butter has a powerful antiseptic and bactericidal effect. It accelerates skin healing, is used for burns, scratches, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, and acne. Use Shea Butter with Tea Tree Essential Oil, a ready-made combination from Shelsy, which is a strong antiseptic, effective wound-healing, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent.
  22. Shea butter is one of the few oils able to have a beneficial effect not only on the skin but also on the muscles. It has an anti-edematous effect. It stimulates capillary blood exchange in muscle tissues. It relieves muscle tension after intense athletic training. It is used for injuries of ligaments and muscles and joint diseases.
  23. Since shea butter has an amazing ability to penetrate deep into the skin and carry other beneficial substances along, it is often included in the composition of nourishing face masks.Shea butter 1÷1 is mixed with any basic nourishing oil (olive, peach, almond, raisin-seed, and any other oil).  They also add other nutritional components, such as egg yolk, fruit or vegetable puree, and honey.
  24. It is known that oil masks perfectly stimulate and nourish the root hair bulbs.

Nourishing hair mask with shea butter:

Mix 2 (room temperature) yolks, 2 teaspoons of melted shea butter, 2 teaspoons of liquid honey. You may add 1-2 capsules of vitamins A and E.  In order to prevent a bad hair smell, remove the film from the yolks. This mask is best applied warm on dry hair and scalp. Carefully wrap your hair and let it soak from thirty minutes to an hour. Then rinse with cool water to avoid yolk clotting. Wash your hair with a shampoo. The yolks in the mask play an important role of a natural emulsifier, considerably improving residual oil washing off from the hair and scalp.