Сoconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural "Superfood"!

This is one of the most beloved products in the world for a natural beauty

PRODUCT # 1 for hair!

 Moisturizing and nourishing fine and weak hair

 Restoration of brittle and split ends

 Preservation of color fastness of colored hair

 UV protection

Why is it effective?

Unlike most oils that remain on the hairline, COCONUT OIL has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. The triglyceride of lauric acid, which is contained in coconut oil, has a high affinity for the protein of the hair and therefore, easily penetrating into their structure, it makes the strand more elastic.

Properties of coconut oil:

 Rejuvenation.

 Production of collagen

 Protection against UV radiation and photoaging

 Nutrition of the dermis with dryness

 Antibacterial, antifungal foot treatment

 Softening rough skin

 Hypoallergenic and soothing for baby skin

 Moisture-retaining (hydrating) action

Volume: 200 ml

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