organic bar soap
Fragranced soap.
"Oriental lotus"
rice bran oil soap

organic bar soap Fragranced soap. Oriental lotus rice bran oil soap

The lotus flower is called the sacred flower of antiquity and modernity. There is something sacred and unearthly about it. The lotus aroma, like a drink of cold water, awakens consciousness, clarifies the mind, and encourages selfless love and prosperity.  It is an excellent relaxant which effectively fights depression and nervous tension.

It is common knowledge that Asia produces great cosmetics that has a rejuvenating effect. It often contains rice bran oil.

Rice oil, the soap is rich in, has unique properties. This oil contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. It seems to regenerate the skin, strengthen cell membranes, have hypoallergenic properties, heal crevices, and restore softness to the skin.




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